CBD For Mental Health: Guide

CBD For Mental Health: Guide

Can CBD be used to treat mental illness? One of many naturally occurring cannabinoids in cannabis plants is cannabidiol (CBD). To assist control their symptoms, some persons with mental health disorders use CBD products such as topical CBD creams or CBD oil.

Unfortunately, more research is required to confirm the advantages of CBD oil for mental health because of limits on cannabis testing, but the research on CBD products and anxiety, stress, and depression has been encouraging. According to the research, CBD may benefit a range of mental health issues, including different anxiety disorders. Check out our post on CBD and Seasonal Affective Disorder for more information on a specific disorder.

Anxiety and CBD

Anxiety, stress, and depression are just a few of the mental health conditions that CBD products have shown promise in addressing. A recent clinical experiment has demonstrated that CBD is an excellent anxiety reducer. According to research published in The Permanente Journal, 79% of participants reported feeling less anxious. Visit our CBD for Anxiety page for more information.

Although the mechanism by which CBD combats anxiety is not entirely understood, this hasn’t stopped millions of individuals from utilizing CBD when they need symptom alleviation. According to a 2019 Gallup Poll, 37% of CBD users use the substance to treat anxiety, and those polled said it was very effective. Many people who struggle with social anxiety and anxiety disorders can benefit from using CBD as a natural plant extract to help them control their anxiety by taking advantage of the way that CBD naturally interacts with the body. You may easily add our CBD oil to your morning coffee or orange juice without worrying about changing your regular routine, and it will help you control your anxiety throughout the day.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), CBD has been demonstrated to lessen stress in animals like rats when used to treat generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). The study participants showed fewer anxiety-related behavioral symptoms. Additionally, their physiological signs of anxiety, such as racing heart rate, decreased.

More study is required, particularly on GAD in humans. Other anxiety disorders like social anxiety disorder (SAD) and post-traumatic stress disorder may also be helped by CBD (PTSD). It could also be used to treat sleeplessness brought on by worry. A 2011 study examined the impact of CBD on SAD sufferers. Participants either received a placebo or a 400 mg oral dosage of CBD.

CBD for Mental and Sleep Health

Sleep quality and mental health are closely related. Sleep quality can be impacted by having a mental health condition, and poor sleep can have a detrimental effect on your mental health. Fortunately, there is evidence to support the idea that CBD can aid in treating insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Living with a mental health condition may have a variety of effects on your ability to sleep. For instance:

Worries that keep you up at night and racing or recurrent thoughts can also be symptoms of anxiety. Additionally, panic episodes could occur when you try to go asleep. You may sleep more due to depression or seasonal affective disorder (SAD), including sleeping longer stretches of time or more frequently. Insomnia can also result from depression. Trauma might result in flashbacks, nightmares, or night terrors that keep you awake at night. In bed or in the dark, you could feel uneasy or endangered.

As a result, consuming CBD regularly may aid in regulating sleep, which may benefit a person’s mental health. Why not give one of our broad-spectrum CBD oils a try if you have trouble falling asleep? Because of “the entourage effect,” using a broad spectrum of cannabis can improve your sleep.

CBD for Mental Clarity

However, CBD has benefits that extend beyond those who struggle with mental health difficulties. Regular CBD consumption is helping many people experience mental health advantages, including improved mental clarity. Because (and this is where the science comes in) this substance permits more serotonin to pass to the brain, which in turn moderately sedates the receptor linked to anxiety, addiction, and sleep, research suggests CBD is helpful in enhancing focus.

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