CBD For Fitness: Guide

CBD For Fitness: Guide

Does CBD Help with Fitness? The fact that fitness places a lot of stress on our bodies, with both beneficial and bad effects, is not surprising. Stress from training can boost performance (such the ability to lift more weight or run farther), but it can also cause injuries and suffering due to physical strain and long-term wear and tear. There are CBD products that are ideal for fitness, such as our 1000 mg CBD Roll-on and our 1000 mg Muscle & Joint Cream, which won an award. Some athletes are using CBD in their quest for effective fitness recovery and alternative pain management, but how can it help?

What potential fitness advantages might athletes expect?

Due to prohibitions on cannabis usage and study, there is little data from human studies to substantiate the advantages of CBD oil. Thankfully, science is currently attempting to quickly catch up, and more than 30 clinical trials are currently being carried out in Europe. Why not read our conversation with a proponent of CBD and a fitness professional; CBD for Exercise: Individual Trainer Emma-Louise

Relieving pain

Anyone who exercises frequently has probably needed pain treatment, whether from an injury or from discomfort from training. Preclinical and clinical research has suggested that using CBD to treat chronic pain may have some advantages. Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs, or NSAIDs, are now available over-the-counter painkillers. Ibuprofen is one example. NSAIDs can occasionally be detrimental to athletes, especially ultra-distance athletes, due to an increased risk of stomach trauma, especially if taken as a preventive. This can include potentially fatal situations like upper GI bleeding or relatively mild dyspepsia. It is not surprising that athletes are seeking out non-conventional medical care.


Since it is well known that cannabinoids have strong anti-inflammatory effects, they may benefit athletes by reducing pain, swelling, and inflammation, especially those who are recuperating from injuries. Is it feasible that certain athletes could switch to CBD instead of NSAIDs because it has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties? Our CBD Muscle Balms are wonderful for combating inflammation and promoting muscle recovery, and our pain treatment creams at HempWell have included essential oils to maximize the deliciousness on your skin.

Aid to Sleep

Athletes are aware of how important adequate sleep is for recovery because this is when the body repairs itself. You probably need more sleep of higher quality if you are pushing your body during exercise. Health Studies “indicate that CBD may help with both getting asleep and staying asleep,” according to the Harvard website. This could aid in an athlete’s recuperation.

Does it apply to athletes?

CBD comes in “isolate” or “wide spectrum” forms. Broad spectrum CBD products comprise both CBD and additional plant-based substances, some of which may contain trace quantities of THC. If the CBD was extracted from EU-certified industrial hemp (such as our Cannabis Sativa plants), the THC concentration of the parent plant is legally required to be less than 0.3%.

Because there has been talk of an “entourage effect” when all the cannabinoids are present at once, some people prefer the broad spectrum products. Products with CBD isolation should only include CBD and no other cannabinoids. For anyone undergoing zero-tolerance drug testing, CBD isolates made from hemp would be the greatest option from an anti-doping perspective. You may find information about our Pure CBD Isolate Oils and Broad Spectrum Oils here. We can be certain of our traceability and product quality because our oils are produced from hemp that is cultivated on our farm in the EU and extracted at a GMP facility.

The possible risk for athletes is if the product you buy doesn’t contain what it states on the label, despite the fact that it is not a chemical that is prohibited for athletes in or out of competition. For example, if a product contains a considerable amount of THC, there would be a chance of committing a doping violation if drug tested.

It is your job to conduct due diligence and select a reliable company whose products have easily available test analyses. Why not read about CBD’s debut use at the Olympics for more information?

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