CBD For Anxiety & Stress: Guide

CBD For Anxiety & Stress: Guide

Does CBD Work for Anxiety?

First of all, there is growing agreement among medical researchers that CBD has therapeutic advantages for treating anxiety in a framework of alternative medicine. For instance, the benefits of CBD can aid in the treatment of PTSD’s anxiety-related symptoms as well as social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and others. However, CBD is not a stand-alone anxiety medication, and it should never be used in place of a legally approved professional therapy. We advise our clients to check with their doctor, counselor, or therapist to see whether CBD is a good fit for them.

According to research, CBD may help reduce anxiety and may be used in conjunction with other treatments for a number of diseases. The chemical component CBD (Cannabidiol) is found in the hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa). Natural plant extract CBD can be combined with an oil, lotion, or balm by producers like HempWell. In the UK and most other countries, CBD Oil is available for purchase as a nutritional supplement.

According to Dawn Snape, Assistant Director of the Office for National Statistics’ Sustainability and Inequalities Division, the UK government’s Office for National Statistics:

“There is understandable concern about the impact of the pandemic on people’s well-being. Our figures show that the equivalent of 19 million adults in Great Britain reports high levels of anxiety.

“One particularly striking finding is that 39% of people who are married or in a civil partnership, reported high levels of anxiety. This compares with 19% pre-pandemic. It may in part be because of the challenges of homeschooling alongside work and other responsibilities. “

Those who are 65 or older have also undergone a noticeable transformation. Age 65 and older typically had lower anxiety scores before the coronavirus pandemic, but now this group is experiencing the highest levels of worry during a lockdown.

CBD and Anxiety: Research and Evidence

How CBD might improve anxiety and stress disorders is one of the CBD uses that has received a lot of attention. Numerous research suggests that CBD may help people with anxiety.

Generalized Anxiety

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), CBD has been demonstrated to lessen stress in animals like rats when used to treat generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). In other words, study participants were seen to exhibit fewer behavioral symptoms of anxiousness. Additionally, their physiological signs of anxiety, such as racing heart rate, decreased.

Most significantly, further study must be conducted, particularly on GAD in humans. People with other types of anxiety, such as social anxiety disorder (SAD) and post-traumatic stress disorder, may also benefit from CBD (PTSD). It could also be used to treat sleeplessness brought on by worry.

A 2011 study examined the impact of CBD on SAD sufferers. Participants either received a placebo or a 400 mg oral dosage of CBD.

Those that received CBD reported overall lower levels of anxiety. Recent research has demonstrated that CBD can help with PTSD symptoms like nightmares and repeating traumatic events. These studies have also examined CBD as a complement to conventional PTSD treatments including medicine and cognitive behavioral therapy as well as a stand-alone treatment for PTSD (CBT).

A clinical study demonstrates that CBD reduces public speakers’ anxiety

In a 2018 clinical trial looking at how CBD affects patients with public speaking anxiety, it was discovered that pre-treatment with 300 mg of CBD dramatically lowered anxiety during the speech when compared to placebo. Despite the fact that this was a tiny study involving only 57 guys, the researchers came to the conclusion that the findings supported CBD’s anti-anxiety effects and were consistent with those of studies conducted on animals. The sample size was modest, as it was in most early studies on CBD, and additional investigation is still required.

CBD for Stress

Why not start here: CBD for Stress: An Introduction if you’re interested in learning more about how a CBD product might benefit someone who is coping with stress.

Stress and anxiety are topics that are closely related. There may be some transferable effects between stress and the potential for CBD to assist people to deal with anxiety. To completely comprehend how CBD can alleviate stress, more research is necessary. It is always advisable to talk to your doctor or general practitioner about trying CBD if you are taking medication for chronic stress disorders like PTSD. Anecdotal evidence might indicate that CBD is capable of relieving stress, and our customers adore our CBD Oils for this purpose. Try our CBD Gummies, a tasty way to begin your CBD journey with a low and manageable dose, if you’re wondering about CBD.