CBD Dosage Guide

CBD Dosage Guide

What dosage should I use? Everyone is unique, thus each person may have a slightly different preferred dosage. This is why our CBD tinctures include graduated pipettes, making it simple to measure out precise amounts in small increments. To find a dosage that works for you, you might need to experiment a little, but here is some information to get you started.

Your consumption of CBD may vary depending on a number of variables, such as:

  • Your body mass
  • Individual unique bodily chemistry
  • The quantity of CBD included in each tablet, capsule, drop, or gummy
  • The condition you hope to treat

It’s better to start with a lower dosage and gradually raise it, just like with any new product. This can include beginning with 20 to 40 mg per day. If you still feel like you want more after a week, up the dosage by 5 mg. Continue doing this until you believe you have found an appropriate dosage (up to a max of 70mg as per FSA Guidelines)

Here is a helpful guide to help you determine whether a low, medium, or high dose based on your body weight would be:

Dosage calculations

One serving size is specified for some products, such as CBD candies, capsules, and tablets. For instance, each of our gummies contains 10 or 25 mg. This makes it very simple to keep track of and modify intake in certain increments. We advise using CBD oil if you want to be able to quickly increase or reduce dosage in smaller increments. For simple dosing, we include graduated pipettes with all of our CBD oils. You have perfect control over your dosages because you can measure as little as 0.2ml at a time.

The definition of a graduated pipette is as follows:

You need less oil to receive the same dosage the higher the CBD content of the oil is. You can see how much CBD you will consume from each concentration of HempWell CBD oil in the table below.

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